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Childrens Wigs

  Childrens wigs are made much smaller and they often work for women with a smaller head.

If the wig is too big it can be SIZED TO fit..WE HAVE A GOOD SELECTION OF SMALLER SIZES BUT SOMETIMES NOT THE STYLE THE CLIENT WOULD WANT.The wig can be fitted to the client's head and then cut and sewn to fit properly.


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  Hair Wraps are like a scrunchy. Used to make a bun or wrap around a ponytail.


 costume wigs and pieces for stage, screen or plays



About Us

Come see us at our retail location in the Tigard Plaza. One of our first stores, "Shirley's Wig Boutique" was in this Plaza 41 years ago. At the same time we opened "wholesale only" on Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland. Wells Wholesale Wigs was there for 30 years. We closed our Beaverton location of 10 years and moved to our latest location in Tigard, Oregon in May, 2011.

Providing wigs, hairpieces for both men and women, and both synthetic and human hair extensions, Wells Wigs Unlimited has served the Portland area for more than 40 years. Now we serve the world, with our caring attitude, through our world wide website.


Owners, Wig Store in Portland, OR

Bonnie and Shirley are both breast Cancer survivors so the staff at wells wigs know the stress of dealing with cancer.The lost of hair can be very difficult but we try hard to make it as easy as possible.

Our founder, our mother, started the business in California in 1969. She started giving wig parties with the help of her twin daughters, us, when we were young teenagers. Eventually, we opened a store on Colorado Boulevard in Glendale, California. When our family moved to Oregon, the store was sold to a Korean man named Henry. He had been my mother's contact with Korean manufacturers. Henry set up all our connections to buy hair goods from Korea where most wigs were made at that time.

Customers and business people frequently ask about our mother because she worked at the store all those years. Mom traveled to Korea and the Philippines to the factories where the wigs and hairpieces were made. She often consulted with the big-name wig designers. Eva Gabor's designer, Joseph of Rome®, at a meeting in Kansas City, consulted Mom and our long-time employee and friend, Karen, about coming up with something new. Among other items, he was holding a small square of monofilament in his hand.

Mom said, "Why don't you make me a wig with the monofilament top so we have something better to offer our clients." At that time, we were custom designing and had this type of wig made for our customers, but the cost was over $600 (would be about $1,100 now, custom made). Also, the wait for it to be made was 6-8 weeks. Joseph went right to work on it and sent the first monofilament wig for us to look at. It was very curly and you could hardly find the monofilament top. I think we still have it (Mom decided she wanted to keep it as a souvenir).

Now, most of the mono-top wigs are straight or wavy so the monofilament top can be parted on the right, left, or the middle. That meeting was the birth of the monofilament-top wig and soon followed with the monofilament-top hairpiece.Shirley was already having a Korean company make a human hair mono top hairpiece. Mom is sort of retired now and happy her daughters have kept the business going. Shirley still works once in a while when she and her husband of 15 years are not busy traveling or with grandkids.

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