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Childrens Wigs

  Childrens wigs are made much smaller and they often work for women with a smaller head.

If the wig is too big it can be SIZED TO fit..WE HAVE A GOOD SELECTION OF SMALLER SIZES BUT SOMETIMES NOT THE STYLE THE CLIENT WOULD WANT.The wig can be fitted to the client's head and then cut and sewn to fit properly.


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  Hair Wraps are like a scrunchy. Used to make a bun or wrap around a ponytail.


 costume wigs and pieces for stage, screen or plays



Brand Name Wigs

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Henry Margu

Click on Henry Margu photo to see the link to

Henry Margu wig company is probably the first and longest running wig business.

Many years ago I heard the story of the start of this business by Andrew Margu's, father and grandfather.They were in the hat business and putting hats and wigs on  manequins, probably over 60 yrs ago.This business has TREND SETTING styles and cutting edge colors. Their dedication to their customers have put them in the top realm of the wig business. They also have the fun, fantasy wigs called INCOGNITO.

See for yourself why the difference is beautiful!


Plaster mold for a wig.


Recently, Bonnie Wells was requested, by Locks of Love and a child's parents, to make a plaster mold of an 8 year old girls head so she could get her second wig made. Children's heads are still growing so the vacuum caps that suctions to a child's head has to be replaced every few years. The child was a bit nervous as the cap hardened but Bonnie's calm manner talked her out of it and she was joyous when Bonnie helped her choose a hair color from the Locks of Love color ring. Wells is always glad to be available for aiding those handling their hair loss due to Alopecia as well as chemotheraphy and radiation.

Other work and service is available at Wells Wigs Unlimited.

Wells is able to design any wig or hairpiece that will handle the clients hair loss whether it is a small

 hair addition or a long human hair wig with many choices for color, style, cap construction and perfect sizing.

This service is for men, women, children.   PRIVATE ROOMS AVAILABLE. 

Call for a consultation.

 Ask for a return call from  the beauty/ barber design crew headed by Patti. LOCAL CALL: 505-626-2727.


Bharatanatyam Hair Styles for Dance

Bharatanatyam, is a classical Indian dance. Bharata Natyam is know for its grace, purity, tenderness, and sculpturesque poses. Today, it is one of the most popular and widely performed dance styles and is practiced by male and femle dancers all over the world.

The "Jeannie ponytail by Wig America" works very well for this style of hair. Need hair for major movies or a small dance class. Wells loves to help you find it.

Pictures donated by "South Indian Style of Dance" located in Oregon.

I found that this website had major info on this dance :


Wells Wigs Unlimited has been serving the wig industry for 47 years, starting in Hollywood, Ca. in 1969 and moving to Oregon in 1970. We send our wigs, hairpieces, extension hair and wig supplies throughout the United States and many countries outside the U.S.

Wells is a family business of 47 years. Shirley Wells and twin daughters, Bonnie and Connie  first started human hair "WIG PARTIES" around Hollywood before opening their fiirst store in Glendale, California. Synthetic wigs were not available until they were in the Hawthowne Blvd Oregon store.

WIGS HAVE COME A LONG WAY. THE FIRST SYNTHETIC WIG HAD A PONYTAIL ON THE TOP...........It would not style beyond being a straight haired hunk of hair with a little wisp of hair standing up on top.

NOW...we have NEW handtied wigs,monofilament see-thru, part anywhere tops and the best human hair wigs on the market. Lace fronts which were always used in Hollywood are now available on some wigs.

Come on in and see the largest wig inventory in the Northwest. We carry the latest "NEW" hair styles in Raquel Welch, Eva Gabor, Jon Renau, Henry Margu, Rene of Paris, Noriko, AMORE and more.We have budget wigs for the theater and Cosplay. Arrange a very popular "wig party" where all your guests show up in wigs.The $22 and up colored wigs are great for these parties.



Hair loss on top of head? Did you know many women have what is called "male pattern baldness" even on women.

There is so much more available NOW for those with thinning hair on top of the head. Come in or call ahead for an appointment with one of our hair loss specialists. The cost of these options run from around $60 for synthetic hair to human hair with a see thru mono top which can be parted to show your scalp peaking through. Cost of this human hair option can be as much as $550. "Women love these and offen say it changed their life when they no longer had to try to cover their thin spots."

Look at hairpieces on our website  If necessary,we can custom design a top piece for women as well as men.




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